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An all acoustic band with an authentic 60's Folk appeal, the True North Troubadours bring an exceptional sound and presence with them to the stage! Listening to the harmony of their vocals and instruments, it's like you've taken a time machine back to the 1960's and Peter, Paul and Mary is standing right in front of you!

Come on out to one of our gigs and sing along with us ~ We look forward to seeing your happy faces in the crowd!

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We're available to play at a variety of venues, any night of the week, and we travel throughout BC, Canada. We look forward to bringing the 60's back to you! Contact us

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Joel Dietrich


The year was 1966. The city was Chicago. Joel entered the world, and it has never been the same! Growing up in a musical family, Joel was exposed to all sorts of music, and particularly remembers lots of Folk music on vinyl in the house. He loved to sing and harmonize from an early age and took piano lessons as a youngster. His father taught him some basic chords on guitar, and he’s added a few since then! Joel has played in several bands throughout the years, playing drums, keys, guitars, and always singing, either lead or providing background harmony. A founding member of the True North Troubadours, Joel handles most of the rhythm guitar work and lends his vocals to the trio mix.



Wayne Rempel


Around 12 years of age, Wayne saw a re-run of the Beatles movie Help… this started a lifelong love of music! A TV documentary of popular music of the 50’s & 60’s introduced Wayne to Elvis, Buddy Holly, the Everly Brothers and folk music of the 60’s. Fascinated with the united sound of guitars and vocal harmonies, Wayne set out to learn guitar and sing. It was from his high school music teacher he learned the basics of music and a deeper appreciation for many styles of music. Over the years, Wayne has performed in many bands throughout BC and AB, and has appeared on national television. In the True North Troubadours, Wayne plays lead and finger style acoustic guitar as well as providing lead and backing vocals.


Diane Rempel


A super Monkees fan, Diane has always loved to sing! Her Father listened to Country on the radio, and this gave her a sense of melody and appreciation for music. From her elementary music teachers she learned many of the Folk classics of the 60’s, including Peter, Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan, The Byrds, and Ian & Sylvia. Diane fell in love with the music of the 50’s when her older sister brought home with the American Graffiti sound track. In The True North Troubadours, Diane sings Lead and backing vocals & plays the Davy Jones Style Tambourine!


Steve Labish


Steve has played bass behind multiple local artists in a wide range of styles. As a supportive part of the band above all, Steve strives to serve the song in the tradition of the great musicians at Stax, Motown and Muscle Shoals. Steve is inspired by the inventive approach and creativeness of bassist Dick Kniss which not only kept time but supported and complimented the melody of the song. Dick Kniss was a self-taught musician who played stand-up bass behind Peter, Paul and Mary for more than 40 years becoming a veritable fourth member of the folk-singing trio.